Welcome to Marcou & Associates

Marcou & Associates is predominately a family law practice.

Our firm provides advice, assistance and support to:

- Married partners;
- De facto (domestic) partners;
- Same-sex partners;
- People entering into a relationship; and
- Third parties (e.g. grandparents).

Covering the areas of:

- Separation;
- Divorce;
- Property;
- Children / Parenting arrangements including name changes, relocation and child abduction (Hague Convention);
- VLA Family Dispute Resolution Service (previously known as Roundtable Dispute Management);
- Family Violence Intervention Orders; and
- Family Law litigation.

Other services we provide:

- Wills (drafting); and
- Power of Attorney (drafting general, enduring financial and enduring medical).

Our firm also does Legal Aid work (www.vla.vic.gov.au).